• Call Kim Hemberry at Walla Walla V.A. 301-9462 to schedule a DAV Van ride appointment.
  • The van goes to Walla Walla on Tuesday and Thursdays.
  • If the scheduling does not coincide with your appointment, the van will still come and get you, and take you to Walla Walla for your appointment.

Chaplin / Ken Vail

Veterans are you enrolled?

Are you enrolled in the V.A. health care system? If you’re not, why not? You maybe in good health and do not need health care right now. Why wait until you become ill before looking into the V.A. Health care system. It only takes a phone call to get started call 1-888-687-8863 follow the taped directions you will be asked to Press # 3 on your telephone, do that when prompted. This will take you to the department who will evaluate you.