CBVC, Inc.

Veterans Opportunity Center

Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition is a DBA of CBVC, Inc. CBVC,
Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Speaking with One Voice

Our Mission

The Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition (CBVC, Inc.) seeks to complete the Circle of Service veterans have provided by assisting veterans with the ability to access the services and benefits they have earned by their service to our country; by educating the general public on the mental and physical effects of military service on veterans and their families; and to support the social well-being of veterans and their families when transitioning back to civilian life.To meet this mission, CBVC, Inc. offers a one-stop Resource Center to provide services that reduce the burden imposed on veterans and their families in accessing their benefits. The Coalition is comprised of veteran organizations in the Columbia Basin area. Our mission is to “Speak with One Voice” for the organizations and provide consolidated services for Veterans. The facility also provides transition services ensuring that the veteran and their families adjust to civilian life.

Veterans Resource Center
1600 North 20th Ave, Suite A
Pasco, WA 99301(509) 545-6558

About Columbia Basin Veterans Coalition (CBVC)

The CBVC, Inc. is very grateful to be allowed to share this newsletter with the Pasco American Legion Post #34. This is another example of how different veteran organization with different missions can parter with each other. By allowing us to share newsletter space the Legion gives the CBVC, Inc. an opportunity to inform you of our organization and activities that previously did not exist. Although many CBVC, Inc. members are also members of Post #34, and both organizations exist to serve veterans, we don't often have occasion to share information about our organizations with each other. This newsletter provides a means to do just that. As a fledgling organization the CBVC, Inc. has greatly benefitted from the support given us by Pasco Post #34 has been, and is, a wonderful and appreciated partner to the CBVC, Inc.-

Skip Novakavich

President CBVC, Inc.